Lekhanath Poudel

Lekhanath Poudel completed his undIMG_4062ergraduate (2005) and Masters’ (2007) from Tribhuvan University in Nepal.  He joined UT in the fall of 2010, and joined this group in the summer of 2011. He is working in collaboration with Dr. Mandrus (synthesis) and Dr. Christianson (neutron scattering) at UT and ORNL.  He is interested in magnetism, unconventional superconductivity, and quantum criticality.

He is currently involved in the study of the quantum phase transitions in the heavy fermion systems using neutron scattering experiments. As a part of the project, he synthesizes the single crystals using various techniques, in particular, the Czochralski Process.

In the following clip, he demonstrates the growth of CeCu6 from the Czochralski process. A polycrystalline button of CeCu6 is melted by three stingers in a tri-arc furnace. The chamber is continuously purged with flowing  ultra high purity argon. The seed rod is rotated and slowly pulled upward to grow a homogeneous single crystal from the melt.


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Lekh Poudel (lpoudel@vols.utk.edu)

Prof. Mandrus Research Group

Department of Material Science and Engineering,

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996


Lekh Poudel (poudelln@ornl.gov)

Graduate Research Student,

Quantum Condensed Matter Division

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

PO BOX 2008 MS6455

Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6455

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