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Tennessee Today: Nature Highlights Research Featuring Jiaqiang Yan, David Mandrus

David Mandrus and Jiaqiang Yan contributed to research recently featured in Nature in technology to significantly reduce the size of lasers. The study is led by a team at the University of Washington. From Tennessee Today:

The research—monolayer semiconductor nanocavity lasers with ultralow thresholds—resulted in the development of semiconductors that are roughly 100,000 times thinner than a human hair.

Critically, despite the reduction in size and power needed to operate, the technology is compatible with other electronics, which is key for the future development of ever-smaller devices and technology.

Czochralski Process Video

Lekhanath Poudel took a video of single crystals of CeCu6 being grown from Czochralski Process. A polycrystalline button of CeCu6 is melted by using three stingers in a Tri-arc furnace owned by the Mandrus Group. The rotating seed rod, which in this case is the tungsten rod of 3/8″ diameter, is brought in contact with the melt at the center of the hearth. The seed rod is being pulled in speed ~ 25 mm/hr.